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Point Pleasant Beach Locksmith Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 732-837-9261An old-time customer sent us a thank you note the other day and told us how our services helped him evict a tenant without an issue. As it happened, we had advised him to get an emergency master key lock installed at his property to gain better control over it. Soon enough, he was forced to put it to practical use when his tenant refused to pay the rent. All he had to do was use the master key to enter the property and evict the tenant, after having issues the legal notices.

Such systems have been around for quite some time and help owners gain better control over their property. It creates a hierarchal order of control within a property, wherein the owner holds control over every access point and is free to distribute access to others with sub systems. This is particularly beneficial for organizations that want to create restricted zones within its premise. Point Pleasant Beach Locksmith offers solutions to commercial as well as residential clients anywhere in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ area.

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We specialize in implementing emergency master key lock systems for homeowners who never want to lose access to their property. The benefits include:

  • Total control over your property, be it home or business
  • No need to use multiple keys anymore
  • Never lose access to your property
  • Access is not taken away due to misplaced or lost keys

Our locksmiths offer 24x7 repair and installation services to commercial and residential clients and deliver super-quick solutions if your needs are urgent. Our mobile locksmith vans are spread throughout the city and help us reach anywhere within just 15-20 minutes.

Fair price for our skills

What makes our services appealing to our clients is that they are easy on the pocket. Tackling an emergency master key lock situation requires speed and advanced skills that cannot be matched by amateur locksmiths or local operators. Many locksmith firms charge an exorbitant amount for offering these services. Plus, they will always charge extra for showing up during an emergency. Our professionals deliver fail-proof solutions no matter what time of the day you call us, at an affordable and pocket-friendly price.

Looking for affordable emergency master key lock solutions? Call Point Pleasant Beach Locksmith -the most preferred locksmith in town. Reach out to us on 732-837-9261 !